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An Official Statement or Certificate acknowledges a person or party for an event or occasion. Please submit request no earlier than 45 days prior to date needed and allow a minimum of two (2) weeks for processing.

Please, no requests for residents outside of the State of Louisiana.

Rules for Official Statements:

Official statements recognize individuals celebrating significant milestones in their lives. For example, birthdays (for those age 50 and over) and anniversaries (for 25 years or more).

Official statements may recognize individuals retiring from the Armed Forces or the state government.

Official statements may recognize those earning a significant award in a statewide organization. For example, Eagle Scouts or the Girl Scouts Gold Award.

Official statements may recognize the anniversaries of non-profit organizations, for those celebrating 75 years or more.

Official statements are issued at the discretion of the Governor's Office.
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Complete the information below on the following pages that best corresponds to the event or occasion in which you are requesting an Official Statement or Certificate. If the event or occasion does not correspond, leave those areas blank and proceed to the next page.